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Dry-cleaning Services
We provide premium dry cleaning service for all sorts of clothing; whether everyday wear or special garments such as corporate wears, designer wears...

Laundry Services
We are the go to laundry place! We clean everything from trousers, blouses, suits, caftans, dresses, socks, underwears, beddings and towels...

Professional Alterations
Our professionals take care of everything, from minor mending to major restyling; shortening of your latest trousers, to patching up your favorite jeans...

Special Items Care
PrimeWash is proud to offer cleaning of your favorite designer handbags, purses and shoes. Whether the material is fabric, suede or leather, each item we receive is carefully cleaned and refinshed to its original beauty.

Industrial Cleaning
We specialize in cleaning sites after construction: Ours is to haul off debris and old supplies, but if your site is broom clean, then it's ready for us.

Other Services
Enjoy premium treatment on our Children Clothing, Wedding Gowns, Fine Shirts, Express Ironing, Wait-n-Take and many more special services...

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