Special Items Care


PrimeWash is proud to offer cleaning of your favorite designer handbags, purses, and shoes. Whether the material is fabric, suede, or leather, each item we receive is carefully cleaned and refinished to its original beauty.

  • Fabric Handbags and shoes are carefully cleaned and stain protection is applied.
  • Suede Hangbags and shoes are evaluated to determine which one of our cleaning processes are best suited for that particular type of skin. Oils and colors are restored to the bags or shoes after hand-cleaning to make the appearance look as rich as the day you first brought them home
  • Leather Handbags are hand-cleaned, paying special attention to removing stains.
At PrimeWash we have the expertise to master-mix colors to camouflage stains that are impossible to remove while retaining the original look and feel of the skin. Although this technique consumes a lot of process time, it gives PrimeWash the ability to rescue a handbag that would otherwise be a lost course.