Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning as you may already know does not involve the use of water but the use of other solvents. Most dry cleaners clean your garments in solvents that are so toxic the government calls it a hazardous air pollutant and you could be breathing it in without even knowing it.

Customers' Reward Plan

(1)  5% applied on your account for transaction up to N35,000/month for 3 consecutive months or a total of N105,000 in 3 months
(2) 10% applied on your account for transactions up to 150,000/month for 3 consecutive months or a total of N150,000 in 3 months.
(3) 5% on-the-spot extra discount for a "one time" transaction of N50,000 and above.

Please Note:
For 1&2 above, the discounts applied on the accounts will be removed, where customers fail to meet the monthly thresholds of not less than N35,000 and 150,000 respectively for up to 2 consecutive months.
Items 1&2 do not apply to customers with an already-existing discount.

For further information & Clarifications,
kindly contact us on 08091237777
Professional Alteration
Our professionals take care of everything, from minor mending to major restyling; shortening of your latest trousers, to patching up your favorite jeans. They can also undertake more complicated repairs to make that favorite suit fit again, or get your dress ready for that special occasion.

Dry-cleaning Services
We provide premium dry cleaning service for all sorts of clothing; whether everyday wear or special garments such as corporate wears, designer wears and heavily stoned outfits. We adhere strictly to the manufacturer's care label and ensure your garments are ready for collection promptly.

Laundry Services
We are the go to laundry place! We clean everything from trousers, blouses, suits, caftans, dresses, socks, underwears, beddings and towels. Our workers are not just trained but equipped to deliver the best always, returning your garments in its best possible condition and timely.

We love to give your special items premium care

Ready to have our fully automated dry cleaning experience?

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Customer Review

  • Utoro Princewill
    You delivered as promised.
    Utoro Princewill
  • I gave you guys my heavily stoned wedding dress and it was handled well and on time. Kudos
    Kathleen Reuben Odunna
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