Guided by our mission statement "to be prime in setting examples for the African business environment by delivering undiluted and utmost value..." PrimeWash was established in the year 2007, and has since then associated itself with the use of the world's best machines and latest technology for the treatment of our clients' clothing.

Though the eagle commenced its flight in the centre of Port Harcourt [Head Office], it spread its wings to other parts of the city. We've got [our Modern Office] at Peter Odili road, [our Collection Centre at Artillery], branched into Industrial Cleaning (PrimeWash EnviroCare Centre), and has finally landed in the heart of these cities FCT Abuja, Uyo and Bayelsa.

You demand exceptional service, we deliver it!

In these cities, we are located in accessible parts of town, with ample parking space; recurrently treated water to avoid contamination of your fabrics, roomy work areas to offer pleasant conditions. And of course, our warm and friendly personnel. ALL CLEANERS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! Bring your garments to us and be primely cleaned!!!

To be prime by delivering extreme value for every stakeholder of PrimeWash, employing professional ethical and uncompromising standards to maintain a consistently rising profile.

To be a global leader in professional dry cleaning and environmental services.


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